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    Think before you drop out

    Think before you drop out

    By Melodie Veldhuizen Perhaps, in spite of some challenges, you continued your studies and passed your first year. Or you kept at it but didn’t pass. And now it is almost time to register for 2018 but you are seriously considering not to study further. Why do you want to  … Read more

    To Emigrate Or Stay In Sunny...

    To Emigrate Or Stay In Sunny SA?

    By Anja van den Berg With financial scandals involving politicians erupting almost daily, and no clear sign the ruling ANC has the ability to clean up its corrupt ship any time soon, many South Africans are pondering whether it is time to emigrate. Data on emigrants who left the country  … Read more

    Unsure about the fututre? Consider distance...

    Unsure about the fututre? Consider distance learning

    By Melodie Veldhuizen You have just received your matric results – and you have passed. But you still have no plans for the future. You wonder what this year and the future will hold for you. Or you are working full-time or part-time and would like to study further. Have  … Read more

    This is how you become a...

    This is how you become a model

    By Karen van der Berg Being a model is not moonlight and roses. It requires hard work, sacrifice and lots of perseverance. This is how Lana Strydom (19) says. She is a successful model who has already participated in several major South African model competitions and events. ‘With a length  … Read more

    What a career in teaching really...

    What a career in teaching really entails

    Cyril Blackburn To be a teacher is a noble profession: During his or her career every teacher has the opportunity to help others develop and to make a concerted effort so that a diverse group of learners can reach their full potential. Unfortunately, teaching is also one of the professions  … Read more

    The Helping Hand Career Guidance Programme aims to provide an affordable career guidance service regarding subject choices and career choices to Afrikaans speaking young people across the country. I provide a professional guidance service to young people so that they may acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to ensure that they will be able to make an informed decision about their future. Tertiary education is expensive. Therefore, professional career guidance really is sensible.

    What does the offer entail?

    Various packages are available. Each package has been compiled to address individual needs. Individual and group tests are performed in your community. Enlist a group of ten learners in your community or school that want to be tested and contact us for an appointment.

    What does the offer include?

    • Informal discussion with parents and child before the evaluation;
    • The Evaluation;
    • Evaluation takes about 1 ½ – 2 hours, depending on the number of tests included in the session;
    • How many test are included in the session;
    • Professional report;
    • Feedback session.

    Includes aptitude, interest and personality tests. Here the focus is choosing the right subjects for the career path that the child might want to follow after school.

    Cost: R700

    Includes conducting aptitude, interest and personality tests. Here the focus strongly falls on the child’s career choice. Possibilities and options for the future are examined in terms of the child’s skills, academic performance in school, values, vocation and subjects.

    Cost: R900

    Includes conducting aptitude, interest and personality tests. Strengths and skills are highlighted and possible options, opportunities for study or future training are outlined.

    Cost: R800


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    North-West University T: 018 299 2601
    F: 018 299 2603
    www.nwu.ac.za navrae@nwu.ac.za
    Potchefstroom Akademie T: 018 294 9030
    F: 012 293 1991
    www.potchacademy.co.za info@potchacademy.co.za


    University of Limpopo T: 015 268 2140
    F: 015 267 0142
    University of Venda T: 015 962 8000
    F: 015 962 4742
    www.univen.ac.za communications.marketing@univen.ac.za


    Tshwane University of Technology T: 012 382 5911
    F: 012 382 5422
    www.tut.ac.za general@tut.ac.za
    University of Pretoria T: 012 420 4111
    F: 012 420 4530
    University of South Africa T: 012 429 3111
    F: 012 429 2565
    University of Johannesburg T: 011 489 3000
    F: 011 489 2260
    University of the Witwatersrand T: 011 717 1102
    F: 011 339 8215
    www.wits.ac.za webmaster@wits.ac.za
    Vaal University of Technology T: 016 950 9214/5
    F: 016 950 9800
    www.vut.ac.za reception@vut.ac.za
    Afrikaanse Protestante Akademie T: 012 344 3960
    F: 012 344 5480
    www.apa.ac.za info@apa.ac.za
    Centurion Akademie T: 012 648 9700
    F: 012 648 9763
    www.ca.ac.za info@ca2000.co.za
    Damelin T: 031 251 9300
    F: 031 208 5822
    www.damelin.co.za deg@damelin.co.za
    Inscape Design Collage T: 011 327 2002
    F: 011 447 7054
    www.inscape.co.za admin@inscape.co.za
    Milpark Business School T: 011 718 4010
    F: 086 639 7622
    www.milpark.co.za info@milpark.co.za
    Open Window T: 012 648 9200/1
    F: 012 665 0253
    www.openwindow.co.za Elfriede@openwindow.co.za
    Akademia T:F: www.akademia.ac.za navrae@akademia.ac.za
    AROS T: 012 332 3228
    F: 086 718 4911
    www.aros.co.za info@aros.co.za


    Cape Peninsula University of Technology T: 021 959 6230
    F: 021 951 5617
    Universiteit Stellenbosch T: 021 808 4654/2721
    F: 021 808 3714
    University of Cape Town T: 021 650 2105/6
    F: 021 650 5100
    University of the Western Cape T: 021 959 2911
    F: 021 959 2973


    Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University T: 041 504 1111
    F: 041 504 2574
    Rhodes University T: 046 603 8148
    F: 046 622 8444
    University of Fort Hare T: 040 602 2016
    F: 040 653 1338
    Walter Sisulu University T: 047 502 2200
    F: 047 502 2970


    Central University of Technology T: 051 507 3911
    F: 051 507 3310
    Universiteit van die Vrystaat T: 051 401 2114
    F: 051 401 3669
    www.ufs.ac.za info@ufs.ac.za


    Mangosuthu University of Technology T: 031 907 7111
    F: 031 906 5470
    Durban University of Technology T: 031 373 2411
    F: 031 373 2011
    www.dut.ac.za info@dut.ac.za
    University of KwaZulu-Natal T: 031 2602227
    F: 031 262 2192
    www.ukzn.ac.za enquiries@ukzn.ac.za
    University of Zululand T: 035 902 6000
    F: 035 902 6601
    Damelin T: 031 251 9300
    F: 031 208 5822
    www.damelin.co.za deg@damelin.co.za


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