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Tuesday | 08 October | 2019 How you can practise lifelong learning

By Dr. Eugene Brink Everybody has heard of lifelong learning and how important it is, but few people recognise what it is or realise whether they are practising it. Everything in the professional environment and in virtually every field is changing so rapidly that lifelong learning is a consummate professional  … Read more

Tuesday | 17 September | 2019  Online journalism is promising and challenging

By Dr Eugene Brink Digital journalism is an extension of other forms of reporting, and the nice part of it is its immediacy, but with one of the big demands being fast adaptation to technology. “The same process is followed to obtain newsworthy information and offer it to readers in  … Read more

Tuesday | 17 September | 2019 Jobs for people who hate conflict

By Dr Eugene Brink Conflict on the best of days is not something most of us enjoy or seek. Some people may love (or at least endure) conflict whilst others can’t tolerate it at all. A measure of conflict in the workplace is unavoidable, but if you are a veritable  … Read more

Tuesday | 17 September | 2019 Write a suitable covering letter

By Wilma Bedford Is it still essential to include a covering letter with your digital job application? The short answer is yes because it gives you an opportunity to make your application stand out. Not including a covering letter could be seen as laziness or slackness. It is especially suitable  … Read more

Monday | 16 September | 2019 Love to chat? Then consider these jobs

By Dr Eugene Brink While listening is one of the most imperative skills in any job, so talking is an essential skill in most jobs. The introverts among us are generally not comfortable with speaking, but many of them are able to communicate verbally and enjoy a party if the  … Read more

Tuesday | 10 September | 2019 Become a chef

By Marli Naidoo Usually a chef is in command of the kitchen of a restaurant, school, hospital, retirement home, home, university, passenger ship or resort. Hy manages the kitchen staff, plans menus, orders stock and prepares food. He is also responsible for administrative decisions that need to be taken. However,  … Read more

Tuesday | 10 September | 2019 Become a food scientist

By Marli Naidoo Food scientists do research with the purpose of solving problems in the food industry and keeping abreast of new developments. Research in product development leads to the improvement of existing products by changing either the substance or the manufacturing techniques. Decay, for example, remains the main cause  … Read more

Monday | 02 September | 2019 Five study techniques that really work!

By Essie Bester The matric final exam is around the corner and across the country grade 12 learners are suddenly experiencing more pressure to study. With homework and extramural activities that make for a full programme, it sometimes is difficult to find the time or motivation to tackle your studies.  … Read more

Monday | 02 September | 2019 Changing careers in middle-age

By Melodie Veldhuizen The years are slipping by, you are in your middle-years and still not old enough to sit around the house twiddling your thumbs, but you are fed up with the career you have been involved in all your life. Are you perhaps considering a career change? Such  … Read more

Tuesday | 27 August | 2019 Questions at the interview: What irritates you at work?

By Wilma Bedford At an interview you would expect to be questioned about your experience and one of the easier ones for which you will be prepared, is why you want this job and why you think the firm should appoint you? You may be requested to tell more about  … Read more

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