Wednesday | 16 January | 2019 6 Common Misunderstandings That Can Devalue Your CV

By Anja van den Berg In South Africa’s competitive job market, presenting a well-written CV is not only sensible but shrewd. According to Madge Gibson, Managing Director at The CHANGE Initiative (Pty) Ltd, employers are increasingly frustrated by poorly constructed CVs that waste their time. “Laborious, cluttered CVs with lazy  … Read more

Monday | 14 January | 2019 Why do 70% of women with engineering degrees leave the sector?

By Anja van den Berg Female retention in the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) remains a persistent problem. Even after overcoming hurdles to entering the profession, women leave at much higher rates than men, often because of the stress that comes with being female in a male-dominated  … Read more

Friday | 11 January | 2019 Are you ‘future-fit’ for the 2030 workplace?

By Anja van den Berg Considering the rapid changes the workplace has undergone over the past two decades, can you imagine what it will look like in the year 2030? As the world of work rapidly evolves, the predictions made for 2030 may be realised even sooner than we anticipate,  … Read more

Thursday | 10 January | 2019 Rejected again after applying for a job? Here’s how to improve your application

By Anja van den Berg Being turned down time after time for jobs you’ve applied for can be intensely demoralising. Take heart! There are some proven actions candidates can take to ensure their applications improve over time, which in turn will improve their chances in the marketplace. Given the tough  … Read more

Friday | 14 December | 2018 Choose your job according to your unique DNA

By Mia Slabbert Something quite incredible happens when an individual chooses his or her career according to the everyday things he or she derives their energy from. Then the cliché, that if you do what you love you won’t work for a single day in your life, becomes a reality  … Read more

Thursday | 29 November | 2018 Become a dietician

By Marli Naidoo We may immediately think of weight loss when we hear the word “dietician”. However, this is only one of the many facets of this profession. A dietician is a person who is qualified in health care and trained to assess, diagnose and treat nutritional problems. In this  … Read more

Tuesday | 27 November | 2018 5 Features You Need To Know About Small Businesses In South Africa

Anja van den Berg Small businesses are the foundation of the South African economy: they create jobs, they contribute millions in tax revenue, and they nurture great ideas until they blossom into game-changing innovations. South Africa’s entrepreneurs are critical to the success of small businesses. The most recent State of  … Read more

Friday | 16 November | 2018 Nine things that productive people do differently

By Essie Bester One notification after the other pops up on your computer screen while your smartphone vibrates without a break. The amount of information bearing down on you is overwhelming and it becomes more and more difficult to be productive. Experts say for greater productivity, you must: be in  … Read more

Monday | 05 November | 2018 Misrepresentation of Credentials

You want your CV to stand out and you are desperate to bag that plum job at all cost. You may be short of credits to complete your degree and are tempted to present your schooling as complete, or state experience which you don’t really have. DON’T do it. It  … Read more

Tuesday | 30 October | 2018 Curricula at the new South African aviation schools Is it possible to switch to another field of study after an “aviation” matric?

By Tania du Toit Since 2015 the Education Department has been opening a number of new SOS schools (schools of specialisation) specifically in Gauteng, or converting under- and/or disfunctional “ordinary” schools to SOS schools. Of course there previously were schools with specific focus areas in South Africa, but this new  … Read more

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