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Monday | 27 January | 2020 A good interview is a two-way street ─ how to tactfully disagree in a job interview

By Anja van den Berg When you’re sitting across from an employment manager, you typically have one goal in mind: you want to impress the interviewer and receive a job offer. Usually, we think that we have to be agreeable to succeed, which can lead to a lot of nodding  … Read more

Tuesday | 21 January | 2020 Are you an empath? What is the ideal career for you?

By Melodie Veldhuizen Interest, aptititude and temperament play an important role in your career choice. However, it is important to choose a career that also suits your personality. Are you exceptionally sensitive to the mood or emotions of others? Are you susceptible to the sadness or joy of others as  … Read more

Monday | 20 January | 2020 The best-performing CEOs in the world, 2019

By Anja van den Berg Harvard Business Review has published its 2019  list of the world’s top chief executive officers (CEOs). Each of the top 10 best-performing CEOs boasts an impeccable track record and has been driving revenue growth, profits and shareholder returns. In some cases they have been immaculately  … Read more

Tuesday | 07 January | 2020 Knowledge management as business function and occupation

By Dr Eugene Brink It is almost trite to speak of the contemporary economy as one defined by information, skills and knowledge. But do we really know that these elements should be leveraged to reach strategic business objectives? This is the reason why knowledge management has sprouted and flourished as  … Read more

Tuesday | 07 January | 2020 Your age and your CV

By Wilma Bedford Applying for a job is challenging at best, but if you are already 40 or suspect that you are already too old it begins to look hopeless. There are ways of hiding your age on your CV. Your CV is an instrument to get you an interview,  … Read more

Thursday | 12 December | 2019 You didn’t land your ideal job. Now what?

By Anja van den Berg The ideal career record is an exception: at some point, most of us will apply for what seems like the perfect job — only to be rejected. Taking a little time out to lick your wounds is natural. But, eventually, you will have to pick  … Read more

Thursday | 12 December | 2019 3 Things You Should Be Doing During Your Notice Period

By Anja van den Berg In today’s disruptive world of work, employees are comfortable to pursue new professional opportunities as they arise. Inevitably that means that – sooner or later – most people will resign from a job. The problem is that people tend to spend a lot of time  … Read more

Wednesday | 11 December | 2019 Become an interior decorator

By Marli Naidoo Interior decorators love giving rooms new life by filling them with beautiful and functional furniture and décor. They like working with people, and are better listeners than the average person. These people are also naturally creative, have an eye for detail, can plan effectively and manage projects  … Read more

Tuesday | 03 December | 2019 Focus on careers – How do I become a field guide?

By Reon Janse van Rensburg Most career choices are made with the concrete jungle in mind. However, getting stuck in a city’s traffic jams is not everyone’s cup of tea. For some people the starry sky, to be outside in the bush or in nature, and even to ensure that  … Read more

Tuesday | 03 December | 2019 Resilience is a key factor in career success

By Essie Bester Resilience – that ability to bounce back quickly when something goes wrong rather than collapsing under pressure – is like a muscle. You can only exercise it if you have to react to a stressful incident. The more you are knocked down and get up again, the  … Read more

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