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Monday | 22 February | 2021 Become a field guide

By Wilma Bedford Regardless of the technological world we live in, it still remains many a young person’s dream to become a field guide or game warden. However idyllic it may sound, it’s not always moonlight and roses, as it requires a very special person with a genuine love of  … Read more

Monday | 15 February | 2021 Data Scientist: The career of the future

By Wilma Bedford Data scientists a sign of the times Few tech jobs have received so much attention in recent years as that of data scientists: With more companies collecting data to glean actionable insights and gain a competitive edge, data scientists were named the best job in America for  … Read more

Monday | 15 February | 2021 The roots of the lack of masters and PhD supervisors

By Dr Eugene Brink Despite an ever-growing number of masters and doctoral students, South Africa’s pass rate of less than 15% a year for these students is one of the lowest in the world. There are many and varied reasons for this. Some are unique to South Africa (such as  … Read more

Monday | 08 February | 2021 Skill Stacking: The Key To A Career Change in 2021

By Anja van den Berg The Covid-19 lockdowns have destabilised life as we know it. Many are re-evaluating their lives and choices, including the direction they are taking career-wise. But while new insights might lead to a change of heart – and a change of career – don’t just jump  … Read more

Monday | 01 February | 2021 9 TED Talks every university graduate needs to hear on life, money, and career success

By Anja van den Berg Congratulations on graduating! It has been tough, and you have persevered. However, the world of work (and of being an adult!) can be ruthless. Surround yourself with supportive people and empower yourself with credible information. TED Talks are on-point with some pertinent topics for new  … Read more

Monday | 01 February | 2021 Graduates, this is how to develop your leadership style

By Anja van den Berg Graduates who are new to the world of work need not first climb the corporate ladder before building their personal leadership style. Developing your personal brand as a leader will be a journey you follow throughout your career, says Emily Ostermeyer, a lecturer in career  … Read more

Monday | 25 January | 2021 Entrepreneurs, apply this scientific method to your start-up

By Anja van den Berg Some of us are born inclined for entrepreneurship and with a nose for opportunity.  They can “feel” it without quite knowing how to explain it. That said, the scientific element of entrepreneurship is the one that can make or break the logical foundation of your  … Read more

Tuesday | 01 December | 2020 Effective communication skills your key to success

By Essie Bester With good communication skills you will not only make a great first impression, but also achieve continuing success with which you can impress your employer, team members, colleagues and/or clients. Good communicators are those who bring solutions, drive changes and motivate and inspire colleagues. The Professional Guild  … Read more

Monday | 16 November | 2020 Learn faster, work better

By Dr Eugene Brink We all want to succeed in our jobs and learn fast to enable personal growth and progress in our careers. Learning, after all, provides knowledge and experience and these are key component of success. This depends on a number of factors, such as being able to  … Read more

Wednesday | 04 November | 2020 Overqualified for a job? This is how you counter it

By Dr Eugene Brink You are desperately trying to break into a new career or you’re just sick of your current job and want out. Most of us will be in this position in our lifetime, but a problem arises when the “overqualified” label is hung around your neck. Then  … Read more

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