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Monday | 17 May | 2021 How leaders can answer unanswerable questions

By Anja van den Berg The coronavirus pandemic has catapulted the world into many unknowns. Figures of  authority all over the country need to appease anxieties and answer difficult questions. Most often many of these questions have no satisfying answers. Ron Carucci, the best-selling author of Rising to Power, says  … Read more

Monday | 17 May | 2021 2025 vision: The skills you need to develop now for careers of the future

By Anja van den Berg The world is evolving at a tremendous pace. So, too, are the competencies required to thrive in the workplace. University degree programmes simply cannot keep pace with the fast-changing world of work. In some cases, students are being prepared for jobs that no longer exist.  … Read more

Monday | 17 May | 2021 Three ways leaders should approach internal crisis communication

By Anja van den Berg Every leader knows that communication during a crisis is critical. Yet, beyond basic recommendations, there is scant empirical research on what to communicate to employees in a crisis. To help leaders fine-tune their communication practices, an interdisciplinary research team embarked on a large study that  … Read more

Monday | 10 May | 2021 The five phases of business growth

By Essie Bester From the moment you decide to start a business, you are officially in a business life cycle. Each phase of this life cycle presents its own challenges. Your challenges will change constantly and will require different approaches to be successful. By knowing in which phase of the  … Read more

Monday | 26 April | 2021 Become a recruitment consultant to a company or sports team

By Wilma Bedford A recruitment consultant’s job is to look for the right candidate for the right job and to place him in the right career where he will be an asset to the firm and where he will be successful. The consultant serves as a go-between between the hiring  … Read more

Monday | 19 April | 2021 Upskilling for the post-Covid era is vital – and easy!

Dr Eugene Brink The Covid-19 pandemic has foisted a whole range of challenges and opportunities upon us. Employers and employees must take note of these, but then again, these demands have been with us for quite some time. They were merely accentuated to a larger extent by this virus. Bosses  … Read more

Monday | 19 April | 2021 Those are the skills needed for careers of the future

By Nico Strydom Traditional careers and work practices are changing rapidly or are even falling by the wayside as the world and companies are moving increasingly towards automation of a multitude of functions. Companies are increasingly employing technology that will significantly change certain tasks, jobs and skills by 2025. According  … Read more

Monday | 12 April | 2021 The freelance economy: What, why and how

By Dr Eugene Brink Even before the devastation wrought by the Covid-19 pandemic, companies have been downsizing their permanent workforce and making use of freelance workers. Finding a permanent job is indeed becoming more difficult and the Covid-19 era has forced companies to leverage every tool to cut costs. Smaller,  … Read more

Monday | 12 April | 2021 Business development managers: Who are they?

By Dr Eugene Brink Consult any career index nowadays and you will notice that business development managers are in high demand. And this makes solid business sense: Companies are in dire need of people to set their businesses and economy to rights in the long wake of the carnage caused  … Read more

Tuesday | 06 April | 2021 Maintain your professional network in good times and bad

By Essie Bester The development of a good network is crucial for professional business leaders. In addition to improving your judgement through regular access to independent perspectives from people who will put it straight to you, it generates career and business opportunities. A well-developed network also serves as a support  … Read more

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