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Monday | 23 March | 2020 Skills you will need in your first job

By Dr Eugene Brink Getting a degree is one thing. Flourishing in a job – especially your first one – is quite something else. Apart from the “hard” skills you’ll need to do your work, some “softer” ones are more than applicable. Technical expertise, or hard skills, ranks a lowly  … Read more

Monday | 23 March | 2020 What is marketing? It’s a good question

By Dr Eugene Brink Marketing is a popular buzzword, but often also a controversial one. Like most other fields, marketing is also subject to big upheavals thanks to the fast-changing nature of technology. And success in marketing needs fast innovation to keep up with  consumers’ preferences. As the famous writer  … Read more

Tuesday | 10 March | 2020 Four easy steps to build a great relationship with a mentor

By Anja van den Berg Many successful people attribute at least part of their success to having a mentor. The right mentor can provide advice and connections that help their mentee reach heights that would otherwise have been impossible. “The research on the power of mentorship is pretty clear,” says  … Read more

Wednesday | 04 March | 2020 References on CVs: A brief guide

By Dr Eugene Brink It is fairly standard procedure to include references in your CV as it is required by recruiters and lends credibility to your application for a job to boot. Otherwise known as referees, they can vouch for your skills and work ethic and strengthen your chances of  … Read more

Tuesday | 25 February | 2020 Become an estate agent

by Marli Naidoo In the past every Tom, Dick and Harry could buy and sell houses. However, this gave rise to maladministration of money and huge losses for clients. More control is now being exercised, and aspirant estate agents must undergo training and complete an internship. It is not only  … Read more

Monday | 17 February | 2020 The critical skills visa could be a temporary answer to SA’s problem

By Anja van den Berg The severe lack of critical skills in South Africa has prompted the government to relook its policies on immigration. A new critical skills survey by Xpatweb shows that several sectors in the economy are experiencing a shortage of critical skills. The industries experiencing the most  … Read more

Tuesday | 11 February | 2020 Four career options for people who are easily distracted

By Anja van den Berg For all its clear benefits, a significant downside to the digital age is our exposure to ever-present distractions. One research area that is being prodded continuously due to our preoccupation with digital distractions, is work-related productivity. Research in this area suggests that business policies should  … Read more

Monday | 10 February | 2020 Three reasons why your career becomes your entire identity

By Anja van den Berg The line between work life and personal life is blurring. Job opportunities are scarce; job security even more so.  A natural outcome of this unnatural situation is that people’s careers become their entire identity. Dr Janna Koretz, a psychologist who specialises in the management of  … Read more

Monday | 10 February | 2020 Dealing with employment gaps in your CV

By Dr Eugene Brink We all know that life sometimes just “happens” – whether by choice or necessity. An unforeseen life event forces you to stop working for a while. Or you get laid off through no fault of your own, and you’re looking for another job. “Many of us  … Read more

Tuesday | 28 January | 2020 Become a radiographer

By Marli Naidoo Radiography is taking X-ray photos to look at the internal form of an object. The person who does this is a radiographer, while a radiologist is a doctor who analyses the X-ray photos. Radiographers work in hospitals, large clinics or private radiography businesses. They set up equipment  … Read more

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