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Monday | 16 November | 2020 Learn faster, work better

By Dr Eugene Brink We all want to succeed in our jobs and learn fast to enable personal growth and progress in our careers. Learning, after all, provides knowledge and experience and these are key component of success. This depends on a number of factors, such as being able to  … Read more

Wednesday | 04 November | 2020 Overqualified for a job? This is how you counter it

By Dr Eugene Brink You are desperately trying to break into a new career or you’re just sick of your current job and want out. Most of us will be in this position in our lifetime, but a problem arises when the “overqualified” label is hung around your neck. Then  … Read more

Wednesday | 04 November | 2020 Improve your public speaking skills

By Essie Bester A talented speaker is seen as an individual with self-confidence and the ability to think outside the box – features which can benefit each of us in a work situation. After all, the majority of careers entails a measure of participation in public discussions. Think for example  … Read more

Tuesday | 03 November | 2020 Ways of demonstrating your growth mindset at a job interview

By Essie Bester A growth mindset is of critical importance in today’s world of work. Employers are  beginning to realise more and more that – without the necessary wherewithal to innovate and move forward – employees with a fixed or narrow-minded way of thinking can increase a business’s risk of  … Read more

Wednesday | 14 October | 2020 Are you perhaps hampering your career?

By Nico Strydom There are common mistakes that you can make in the workplace that could destroy your career before you realise it. It takes a lot of time and effort to make a success of your career but, unfortunately, you can destroy it all in the wink of an  … Read more

Monday | 21 September | 2020 Qualify as a commercial diver

By Marli Naidoo There is a big demand for commercial divers worldwide. These divers differ from professional divers in that they are trained to use equipment suitable for underwater tasks. These divers work in two types of environment: in the ocean, or inland in rivers, dams and harbours. At sea  … Read more

Wednesday | 09 September | 2020 How Leaders Can Best Communicate During A Crisis

By Anja van den Berg Every leader knows that communication during a crisis is critical. Yet, the COVID-19 crisis has brought with it a myriad of spin-off predicaments for which most leaders were not prepared. “There is scant empirical research on what to communicate to employees amid a crisis,” Brooks  … Read more

Wednesday | 02 September | 2020 Self-talk that can help you excel in your career

By Essie Bester What do you think about in the afternoons on your way home from work? Do you relive your daily successes or do you focus on the obstacles you encountered? Do you belittle yourself or wish you had someone else’s skills? Beware! Your self-talk can hinder your effectiveness,  … Read more

Wednesday | 02 September | 2020 9 Hints from professional personnel recruiters’ for Covid-19 period

By Essie Bester Before the arrival of the corona virus and the accompanying period of isolation almost one out of every three South Africans did not have a job. It is now estimated that the unemployment rate could increase from 29,1% to 50%. Given the alarmingly high unemployment figure it  … Read more

Wednesday | 26 August | 2020 Why being overqualified is a professional peril

By Dr Eugene Brink Okay, so you’ve lost your job or you’re just looking for something else and are willing to “start over”. You have the skills, experience and qualifications and yet, there is one slight problem: You might have these in overabundance. In short, it means you are overqualified  … Read more

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